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At Case-Baldwin Janitorial Professionals, we know how to make and maintain a clean and professional work environment for both your employees and clients. From keeping entrance areas and rugs clean, keeping debris and dirt off the floors, maintaining clean bathrooms, ensuring windows are spotless and much, much more, we know how to help you put your best face forward as a business. When looking for a business cleaning service with experience and professionalism that will always get the job done in the Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and Plano, TX area, contact Case-Baldwin Janitorial Professionals.  

At Case-Baldwin Janitorial, we offer wholesale janitorial supplies designed to manage every facet of janitorial services. An overview of the most common areas of need and our specific products designed to handle them is listed below.


The cleanliness of your restroom creates an impression about the entire facility. It can be an embarrassment if one of your customers considers your restrooms to be unclean. This gives off the wrong impression about your business often has a negative effect on employee morale. Unfortunately, a clean restroom can still convey an image of uncleanliness if malodor is present. Typically, there are three main sources of odor problems. Each of these requires specific cleaning supplies to solve the problem.


Regular washing of the floor drain is the best way of keeping your restroom free from offensive odors. Bacteria growing in these floor drains is the main cause of odor problems. Killing bacteria and rinsing the drain out with a strong cleaning product regularly is the best way to get rid of this bacteria for good. Case Baldwin offers Bio-Control, a product specially formulated for Case-Baldwin and in stock in our Lewisville inventory. There are no better cleaning supplies designed to eliminate the organic waste that naturally occurs over time in floor drains.


Air circulation can also be a continuing challenge. Check to make sure that exhaust fans are clean and operating properly. A metered air freshener such as Time Mist dispenses a fragrance every fifteen minutes and is a welcome addition to any restroom regardless of air circulation. These are available in a wide variety of fragrances.


Urinals are one of the biggest offenders in restrooms emitting unpleasant odors. Often this is due to poor water flow that does not allow the urinal to completely flush and clear the bowl. Even if the plumbing is working properly, urinal blocks will provide a pleasant fragrance. Placing disposable mats, like Urigards, under urinals helps protect the floor from the corrosive effects of urine.
As you can see, there is no one solution that will solve each of these situations. Contact us at our Lewisville, TX office by phone or via the form found on our contact page for an evaluation of your restroom facilities to determine the best product for your specific needs. 

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